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Merry Meetand welcome to the San Antonio Pagan Pride Day website. Not sure where you have landed but are curious? Well take a look around and see! We welcome everyone who is seeking a community to belong to and has an open mind to the possibilities of the Universe. We are a diverse community, and perhaps you may not all comments or commentaries presented here, but we are celebrating diversity. Everyone has the right to find their own spirituality and to be respected. Please feel free to be a part of this day and add your own uniqueness!

Why Pagan?

Many people have asked why used the word 'Pagan' to associate an aspect of the current spirituality movement taking place globally.


Originally the word 'Pagan' meant country dweller. They were considered the unenlightened because of their beliefs in the cycles of the earth and a polytheistic religious system.


Today the term is used to describe a group of people who have chosen a different spiritual path that does not completely fall into current established religious systems. They come from all walks of life and may have blended aspects of their traditional religion with those which are not traditional in order to develop a spirituality which means something to the individual.


This in no was diminishes traditional religions, instead some Pagans feel it may complete their own personal spiritual path. Others seek to return to a spirituality which brings them closer to nature and the natural balance of the Universe.


As with any other demographics, there may be a few undesirable characters, but the majority are singles and families finding comfort and strength. This is the way they have chosen to identify themselves and we should all respect that as we wish our beliefs to be respected.


To that end, Pagan Pride Day seeks to establish a safe, joyous environment where everyone, Pagan or not, can gather to learn from each other. This is a time to celebrate friendships both old and new, and dispel some common misconceptions about what Pagans are,

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